Monday, October 20, 2008

Huntsville, Texas

We drove 45 miles west today to the town of Huntsville, Texas. This was the home of Sam Houston. The first thing we found when we drove into town was the cemetery where he was buried.
We went to the Sam Houston Museum but found that because today was Monday they were closed.

We were still able to walk around the grounds.
They have set an area beside the museum where they have moved the house where Sam Houston died. They also had the house where he lived before he became govenor of Texas.

Houston was a key figure in the history of Texas including periods as President of the Republic of Texas, Senator for Texas, and finally a govenor for Texas. He refused, because of his unionist convictions, to swear loyalty to the Confederacy when Texas seceded from the Union, bringing his governorship to an end. To avoid bloodshed, he refused an offer of an army to put down the rebellion, and instead retired to Huntsville, where he died before the end of the Civil War.

All in all we had an enjoyable drive and saw a little of Texas history.

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