Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back at

Summer had been winding down at Beech Bend Park.  They were only opened now on weekends, so when we got a call from Amazon to come early, we took it. 

We have completed our orientation and worked 3 half days training in our area.  We will work half days tomorrow and Monday then be off for 3 days.  We will be starting our full schedule on Friday.  We are working the I shift again, which is Friday thru Monday.  Since Monday is Labor Day, we will be getting a BBQ lunch served! On Saturday the 8th, Amazon will have it’s summer picnic.  We will get to enjoy that also.  Some perks for coming in early. 

We are working again in the receive department, but there have been some changes.  Amazon likes to take care of the merchandise that comes in.  They call it prepping.  We will either bag the merchandise, or wrapped it in bubble plastic.  Last year, when this was done they ended up with all the merchandise prepped but not received so that it could be stowed away.  This year they have set up “Prep/Receive” stations.  Each station has all the things needed to prep the merchandise and then we actually receive the product.  We are really enjoying this work.  We don’t have to worry about making a quota, they just ask that you work steady. 

For now there aren’t to many people here in the campground.  There are only 3 on our level.  Probably around 30 in the whole park of 90 sites.  But they will come.  Some will be coming in each week now until the end of October.  Weather here is still very warm, let’s pray for a warm winter!  At least through December!  It can snow all it wants in January and February.  We will then be in Texas!