Friday, August 20, 2010

Birthday Dinner Cruise

Monday was Ed’s birthday and he wanted to go on a dinner cruise.  Lake George Steamboat Company has a ship that does dinner cruises.
Lac Du Saint Sacrement
We boarded the Saint Sacrement at 5:30 pm.  We were assigned a small table by the window and we had a great view of the lake.   We enjoyed cocktails before we joined the dinner line.  The buffet was very good.  Choices of beef, chicken and white fish along with vegetables and seasoned red potatoes.  They also had a good salad bar and dinner rolls.  We were on board for 3 hours.  We cruised about half way up the lake before turning around and coming back down the other side.  The eastern shore of the lake has an abundance of houses on the lake. 
Dinner Cruise 008
Here are some additional pictures of the trip.
Dinner Cruise 012   Dinner Cruise 017
This picture is of the Sagamore Hotel.  Verrrry expensive!!!!!Dinner Cruise 033
Here we are at our table and up on deck.
 IMG_2774     Dinner Cruise 015
Dinner Cruise 022
There was very good entertainment.  A guy playing a keyboard and a woman singer.  They had a computer that they used for the percussion sounds.  Ed had to ask to sing.  And they let him….He sang ‘Twelve of Never” one of the few songs he knows by heart. Karaoke has spoiled him.  He used to know the words to all the songs from the 50’s but since singing karaoke, he now looks for the words. 
Dinner Cruise 031
I was standing back with Nancy, the other singer and they were both pleasantly surprised that he could sing!!   I think he had a good birthday!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Halloween in August

For the last 2 weeks the theme has been Halloween at Lake George Escape.  The kids really enjoy this theme and even the campers get into decorating their sites.

The highlight of the week is a haunted hayride.  We had staff at various parts of the campground laying it wait for the hayride to go by.  The reservation staff dressed as witches and we were the first stop. 

Here we are getting ready…

IMG_2751   IMG_2755

Do we look scary???

hallo 1 

We had a graveyard and this was one scary fellow.


There was also a guy with a chainsaw and several ghosts and goblins spread around.

We were out there for 3 hours…they had 3 wagons that each went around the park 5 times with different guests.  It made for a very long night.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Vermont Country Store

We had to make another trip over to Rutland, Vermont to fill one more prescription.  “Why go to Vermont?” you ask.  Because when you fill an out of state prescription in New York State, they take away all of your refills!! So we have made 3 trips to Rutland, Vermont to get our refills. 
After we had finished at Walmart, we drove another 25 miles to see the Vermont Country Store.  This store is huge and they have everything from Vermont Maple Syrup to old time candies.  We spent about an hour just wandering around the store saying “ I remember these!!” It was a very nice drive.  Check out there web page….
The front of the store.                                                        The back.
 IMG_2759       IMG_2756
A nice garden in the back for picnics.                     We had ice cream at “Mildred's”
IMG_2761          IMG_2757
For most of the way we followed this stream.  More rocks than water!
Across the road was another little store.  These banners were hanging outside.  Guess Vermont can’t choose a team.
Almost bought a shirt that said
“What happens in Vermont, Stays in Vermont”
“But nothing ever happens in Vermont!”

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We’re still here

Haven’t had much to blog about.  Our days off are filled with the normal….laundry, shopping….and doctors appointments for Ed.  He’s having foot issues again and we have found a good podiatrist in Glens Falls that he has been seeing.
We did get up to see my cousin Ron and his wife Claire.  This is the first time we’ve seen their house.  Ron and Ed went to play a quick 9 holes of golf while Claire and I solved the problems of the world and bemoaned the cancelling of another one our favorite daytime soaps!!! She cooked a wonderful meal of ham, potato salad, broccoli soufflĂ©, and homemade rolls.  Claire is a great cook.
Hard to believe that we only have another month to go. There are still so many things that we would like to do and not sure we will have the time.  The jobs have been good and we have made a lot of new friends.  We are contemplating coming back again next summer.  I have learned how to use a program called Campground Manager.  Most campgrounds use it so this knowledge will be helpful in the future.  And I am going to try to be more patient when checking into campgrounds, for I now know how hard it is to be on the other end.   We are celebrating Halloween the next two weeks here at LGE.  Saturday night we will dressing is costumes to scare the people on our “Haunted Hayride”.  This has been so popular in the past, they are having it for 2 weeks!! People decorate their sites and we will have a contest for the best sites.  I will try to get some pictures of everyone.
We have had several birthdays celebrated.  Always with a cook out potluck. Here are some pics of the group.
IMG_3083[3] IMG_3148[2] IMG_3141[2] IMG_3143[2]
That’s about all for now.