Saturday, January 31, 2015

Catching up

Just realized my last post was back in October!! Wow! So I thought it was time update it.

Our time at Amazon went fast after the Halloween holiday.  They were having some trouble finding workers up at the warehouse in Indiana so about 100 of the work campers who were in Kentucky moved out and headed to campgrounds just above Louisville. After that happened a lot of us remaining were shifted to other positions.  Since we had done ICQA (inventory control) before, that’s where we finished out our time.  We finished up on the 19th of December and headed to Livingston.

The weather there was horrible.  We were there 21 days and I think we saw the sun twice in that time.  We went through a tank of propane because it was so cold. (we didn’t use our electric heater because we have to pay our own electric). 

We spent a great weekend in San Antonio with good friends, David and Noreen Becker.  We worked with them for 2 years in New York and they joined us in 2012 at Amazon.  We spent Saturday walking around the Alamo and River walk.  Had lunch at Buckhorn Saloon and toured the Texas Ranger Museum.  Sunday we hung around the park and watched the football games.


We left Monday and headed back to Humble, Texas.  Ed is having some issues with a high calcium level.  He was sent to an endogrinogist who wanted him to do some other testing.  He had more blood work done and had a bone density test.  Still waiting for results.

We moved on to Pass Christian, Mississippi.  I really love the area here.  When Ed and I win the lottery we have found our next sticks and brick house. House with a view!!!

DSC01646      DSC01645
Looked it up on Zillow.  Only 12.5 million!!! 15 bedrooms!! Enough for my whole family!!

One evening we had dinner at Shaggy’s.  Sign says its the best seafood dive!! Ed had the shrimp basket and I had the chicken basket.  We were going to have the fish, but we found out it was catfish so we passed. Neither of us is fond of catfish. But the shrimp was very good as was the chicken.  As you can see, we had enough food!!

DSC01662    DSC01663   DSC01660
We are on the move again…..this time Robertsdale, Alabama just the other side of Mobile.