Saturday, June 8, 2013

Softball game and more repairs.

More repairs…seems to never end.  First we developed another leak in our hot water heater.  This is the same new hot water heater that we had installed last spring in Bowling Green Kentucky.  One of the maintenance men here at the COE park fixed that for us.  Seems the plastic fittings used had worked loose.  Got that done.  Then we had noticed that our air conditioner was giving us a power surge.  Not sure how long it has been like that but we noticed when we were on 30 amp here.  We drove the motorhome up to Richmond last Tuesday and got that fixed.  They replaced the capacitors and all is okay. 
While we were there we got to see Savannah’s last softball game.
Mark is the coach and he likes to have the girls play different positions.  Savannah played right field, first base and pitched.  The girls all did really well.  She got a lot of hits and they won the game by 1 run.
When she was pitching a couple of hits came right back to her and she and the first base girl got them out both times.  At this level of softball, the girls pitch 4 pitches and then the coach comes in to pitch. Most of the girls will wait until they coach comes in to pitch to hit.   I remember when my girls started playing softball, they had pitchers but after 4 pitches they brought out a T to put the ball on.  Next year these girls are going to have to learn to hit the pitches because the coach won’t be pitching to them.  But we were proud of the girls.   They all played great.  Spending time with them is the reason we are here!