Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Savannah goes to the Fair

This post is going to contain a lot of pictures. Kim and I took Savannah to the Virginia State Fair last night. We did walk around through some exhibits, however, most of the time was spent going from ride to ride. She talked about the ferris wheel all day, so that was the first stop.

Of course, my granddaughter is no dummy. The reason she wanted to the ferris wheel first is so she could find all the other rides she wanted to go on!!!

On to the other rides. She must have gone down the slide 6 times.

On to the helicopter. This looked harmless to her but it did indeed lift up and spin around. Not fast but don't think she was expecting it. But for Savannah, the faster the better.

The race car had to be number 2!!

On to the roller coaster.
Then with Mom.

Dumbo...She had to hold the handle tight because she knew that would lift her high!!

The himelayan with Mom.
Then again this time alone.

She went from ride to ride for about an hour. She did slow down enough to eat a corn dog and go to the pig races. Then she went back and rode again for about another half hour before we went to see the animals and on home. It was a fun night for grandma, but tiring. We were very glad that we decided to wait until last night to go instead of Sunday morning like we had first planned. There was no concert last night it wasn't crowded at all. Savannah never had to wait very long to go on any rides. I'm sure that this will be the last year she will want the 'kiddie rides'.
Next year she will want the bigger and faster rides in the other section. She is fearless when it comes to the rides. But then again, so was her mother!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Birthday Wishes

Today is my daughter's birthday. If I tell you how old she is, that would give you a clue as to mine, so I'm not telling!! We spent a great day at her house and I cooked her the dinner she asked for. Homemade chicken and biscuits. We were going to go to the state fair this morning but after the rain we had, we knew it would be a muddy mess. So we decided to go tomorrow evening instead.

Happy Birthday Kim

Love ya!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Spending time with family

Haven't been posting much because we have been busy visiting family. We are spending time with Kim, Mark and Savannah.

We are going to be staying with Savannah this weekend since Mark and Kim will be going to North Carolina for a wedding. Gives us some alone time with her so we can spoil her rotten.

This park is very nice, but it is very, very dark at night. We have come home the past few nights and see deer all over. Have to drive very slow for fear they will jump in front of you. Most just stand there though and watch you drive on by. Nothing is planned for tomorrow so will go for a walk and take some pictures. Will post them soon.

Here are a few from when they visited in South Hill.