Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I’m going to spend my holidays with the Amazon Seasonal Camper Program – and you can too!
The Amazon Seasonal Camper Program is ALIVE and BOOMING . They currently have hired TONS of campers like us for the Holiday Season….and want MORE!!!
So, what is the Amazon Seasonal Camper Program?
To meet customer demand during the holiday shopping season, October through December, they need more campers like us to come spend the holidays working a great job! There are 3 Amazon sites offering the Seasonal Camper Program – Campbellsville, KY, Coffeyville, KS, and Fernley, NV. Amazon has provided opportunities for Fall/Winter employment to the Work Camper community for several years. The Seasonal Camper program has been wildly successful in making Christmas very merry and is a tremendous work camping job opportunity for us during the Fall and Winter months.
Here’s some info if you wanna check out this fantastic opportunity:
The Jobs
Amazon jobs are pretty physical and fast-paced. They are warehouse positions ranging from receiving or stowing merchandise purchased off the website by customers to picking or shipping those same items. There is a lot of standing and walking and you will keep moving – your 10 hour shift is sometimes over in no time!
Amazon picks up the cost of your FHU campsite and provides a fun living and working environment! Wages are great and there is opportunity for additional wages should you be placed on night or weekend shift, as well as OT. AND there is a bonus at the end of the season! This is an opportunity to make some good gas money for your spring and summer travels. You may choose a site from one of the area campgrounds and Amazon will be directly billed for the cost of your stay while employed.
So….. Amazon is where I will be this Fall… YOU can be too!
If you have interest in joining the program at any of the 3 sites, send an email about your interest to seasonal-camper@amazon.com... Someone will get back to you from the site of your choice and guide you thru the hiring process.
And hey, make sure you mention you heard this from my blog! Smile

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Natural Stone Bridge and Cave


One of the benefits of working for Lake George Escape is that a lot of the local attractions give us free access.  They do this so that we can promote their attractions to the campers.  We also sell discounted tickets to the campers.  Last week, Ed and I went to Natural Stone Bridge and Cave.

This massive stone bridge arch is the LARGEST marble cave entrance in the east.   Unlike the slow forming limestone caverns, these marble caves were rapidly formed during the last ice age by an unusual East-West trending fault which exposed a layer of ancient marble to raging acidic floodwaters from melting glaciers.


That’s a big chuck of stone with a lot of marble in it that fell from the top in a 9,000 ton rockfall in 1956.


IMG_3410          IMG_3414

It was quite a hike and we arrived home very tired.  It was a beautiful day for it though. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to us

Our friends had a birthday celebration for us last evening.

Mine and Mel’s birthdays fall on the same day.  Doesn’t he look like Santa?  In fact he is!!! This is just his summer job to get away from the elves.  They drive him crazy.  (this is the story we tell all the little campers, including my granddaughter who comes to visit soon)

David and Noreen Becker made fajitas for everyone. 

IMG_3381      IMG_3377
Good food and good friends!!