Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Busy Day at Rainbow's End

Today was a busy day. I went up and took the tour of the offices and mail service. This is our mailbox.
Our number is 15331 so its a folder between 15300 and 15400. That's all we are - a folder.
The mail service here is quite large. The zip code 77399 is all Escapees mail service and the large mail truck delivers the mail each day. There is a staff of around 15 that sort all the mail. The same truck comes back in the afternoon to pick up all of the outgoing mail people have asked be sent.

After the tour, Ed and I walked up to the CARE center and got our flu shots.

We just returned from playing BINGO. We had a great time and Ed won 2 games so we doubled our money. It cost us $4.50 for both of us to play 5 cards. He won $12.00. Big Money huh! But we had fun.

There is a woman around 80 years old who is traveling alone in a class b motorhome. Its just a little larger that a van but she has traveled from Virginia and is going to visit her grandson in Austin. Then she is driving to Nevada to see other family. What an inspiration she is!

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