Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Family visit and a wild ride!

We had a great visit with Stacy and family.  We stayed at the Elks.  We had good 30amp service but had to move to dump and get water.  But that was okay.  It was just down the street from the hospital that Stacy works at, so she was able to come by every day after work for a little while.  We went bowling on Friday night (been a long time and we did awful).  Saturday and Sunday were spent have good dinners and playing a lot of Rumicube.  Spent a lot of time getting to know granddaughter Ciera’s boyfriend Robin.  Here they are making Chicken Enchiladas.
After dumping our holding tanks, we left Bakersfield this morning and stopped at the Flying J on Merced Ave to fill up and have some breakfast.  Good thing we did!  We finally arrived at our destination, Yosemite Lake Thousand Trails park, at 4 pm.  What a ride!  We started up highway 99 and that was fine.  Our gps told us to take 41 from Fresno.  We did and it was a good road.  We went through Coarsegold (a very nice small town) and then made a right turn onto highway 41 out of Oakhurst.  That’s where the fun began.
We started to climb slowly. At first it didn’t seem to bad, we climbed and then came down 6 and 7% grades. I don’t think we traveled more than 25 mph for over 65 miles.  This was one of the hairpin turns.
We finally got to the little town of Coulterville and stopped to ask directions.  We must have talked to the lady in the post office for 15 or 20 minutes and she instructed us to watch for a fork in the road and go to the left.  We came to a fork in the road and went left.  Wrong fork in the road.  It was like a one lane road and then turned to dirt!  Finally met someone coming the other way in a truck and we honked and he stopped.  Talked to him another 15 minutes!! We stayed on that road and finally ended up back on the right road.  We learned that GPS’s only work when you have a good satellite  signal.  Up here in the mountains there is none!!
Oh well, we have arrived and it is peaceful and quite.  Tomorrow we will take a ride into Groveland.  I should be able to find a McDonald’s with wi fi and I will be able to post this. McDonalds in Groveland.  We found out we have an oil leak so we stopped at a repair shop and found its the oil pan gasket.  We will get that fixed on Monday and will be spending the morning at the coffee shop.  Free WiFi.

Monday, April 21, 2014

We have been so busy!

The past two weeks have flown by.  We have been busy visiting family and friends. 


This is Ed with his sister Jeannie and brother Jim.
This is my son Terry with wife Sarah.  Terry and Sarah have just purchased a town home.  So while Ed played golf one day, I spent time with them going to a lot of used furniture stores getting an idea of what they will need.  It was a fun day.  They have been instructed by their loan officer NOT to purchase anything so we were just window shopping. 
IMG_4195         IMG_4186     IMG_4187

Nixon’s Presidential Library is actually on the property where he grew up.  This house has not been moved.  It was very interesting.  Not going to go on about him as president….most know he was Eisenhower’s vice president.  Most know about his presidency but if you want to know more click here
We were finally able to find the friend of ours that did Karaoke, so we spent 2 nights doing that.  She played last Friday at the Moose Lodge, and we were able to reinstate our membership there.  Some Moose Lodges also have RV spots so this will give us another option besides the Elks.  And it was easier that the Elks!! We still don’t have our card from the Elks.  It will take another 3 or 4 weeks! But we do have a receipt that says we are in process and she called ahead for us to Bakersfield so we are all set to stay there.  Again visiting family.  Daughter and her family lives there.  
I think we are in for another busy week!!