Saturday, July 13, 2013

Going to work for the government….what????

Before I explain that header, I need to catch up with some pictures here at Palmer Point Day use park.
Family came to visit over the 4th and had a good time swimming. Or should I say floating.
We’ve been feeding some other visitors. 

She has gotten so she doesn’t run every time we open the door. 

Now for an explanation of the header.  We received a call last week from the head ranger in charge of all the facilities here at John H Kerr Dam.  The biggest area is called North Bend and they have a large campground but also have a lot of day use people there.  They have 2 gate houses over there, one for the campground and one for day use.  One of the couples working the day use has had to leave for medical reasons and Sherri called us to see if we were interested in applying for the position.  It’s a paying contract so I have had to go jumping through hoops to get all the paperwork done.  It’s not like any other job where you go and fill out W2’s and I9’s.  We had to first get a DUNS number.  We have actually had to create a business (Edward Lavin). We will become contractors of the government.  Next I have to register with SAMS and get a gate number.  Most of the time you have to bid on these jobs, but since we are already here and they need us, all I had to do was tell her what we wanted as pay. 
Starting on the 22nd of July until September 11th, we will be working 4 – 14 hr days, and then have 4 days off.  We can still split the time, we don’t both have to work at the same time.  A total of 29 days work and we will make a decent paycheck.  Next Sunday is moving day and we have to leave our sweet little friend.  Just bought a big bag of deer corn too!
The good thing is, we will now have all the process complete and can start looking at other COE parks throughout the country to work in.  We will have the choice of volunteering or bidding a job for pay.  It’s a lot easier work that Amazon, so we are hoping this will be our last year.
Any of you know of some good Corp of Engineer parks where you have camped?