Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring cleaning just about done

It’s taken us almost 5 weeks to complete it and the only thing left on the “to do” list is to straighten out our storage bays. On Tuesday we had a company come to wash and wax the motorhome. We usually do this ourselves but decided to “bite the bullet” and pay for someone to do it because they bring their own water. The water here is very hard and its impossible to get the water spots off.

While they were working on that, I took the screens out and wiped them all down.

Today we cleaned the carpets. We rented a steam cleaner and went over the carpets twice. They were really bad after the winter in Coffeyville with all the rain and mud being tracked in. When you have a lake out your front door its impossible to keep it out.

Terry and Jeri are in the area tonight and we hope to meet up with them for breakfast before they head out tomorrow. Of course we will be seeing them in Pahrump next week. We are meeting them, along with Jim and Sandie, to tour Death Valley.

After 5 weeks it will be good to get on the road again.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fun filled days

We have spent much of our time here at Emerald Cove relaxing. However, there are some fun times. Tuesday evenings we have been going across the river to the Blue Water Casino to play bingo. Tuesday is senior night and we get some extra bonus play cards. We haven’t won anything big though. Thursday nights we play bingo here at the park. Our luck is a little better here and we have won a few games. Ed also has been playing a lot of poker. They have tournaments here on Wednesdays and Saturdays. He has won one tournament and once had the high hand so he won a little that day. Friday and Saturday nights are spent up at the Oasis Pool Bar singing karaoke. There is a large group of people here that love to sing as much as Ed does. The other day, our neighbor set his machine outside and we all sang all afternoon.

IMG_0338 IMG_0335

It was really a great afternoon. Other than when the kids were here, we have not been up to play mini golf. I do want to challenge Ed to a game before we leave. So much to do yet and time is running out. Hard to believe we have been here a month already. Only one more week to go.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Family comes to visit!

What a busy weekend we had. Terry and Sarah arrived first at about 11:30pm Friday night. Stacy, Jason, Ciera and Ramey arrived at about 2:30am. Part of our membership here at Emerald Cove includes a free week use of a park model trailer, so this is what we rented for Stacy and family. Terry and Sarah stayed with us.

Stacy and granddaughter Ciera

Terry and Sarah at London Bridge

Weekend started early Saturday with a pancake breakfast up at the clubhouse. Ed went on to play in the poker tournament (which he won, by the way!!). I then took everyone on a tour. We went to the pool bar and played some ping pong. We took a walk to the river. We all just kind of relaxed and waited for Ed to finish the tournament.

We left around 2:30pm, stopped at Safeway to pick up some BBQ food and went up to meet Jason's parents in Havasu. They were boondocking in Havasu right across the street from the Winter Blast location. We also took everyone to see London Bridge. Terry and Sarah had never seen it. Back at the motorhome we bbq'd our food and then walked over to the bleachers to wait for the fireworks to begin. If anyone is ever in the Lake Havasu area in February, check out the dates for the Winter Blast. It is well worth seeing. Winter Blast is a pyrotechnic convention and they do public displays each night. The Saturday show was the best. 90 minutes of non stop fireworks. The 4th of July shows will never be the same.

Sunday, after a breakfast of bacon and eggs here at the motorhome, we all went up to play miniature golf. We were going to take a ride to the Desert Bar but we decided that more fun would be had at the pool with the kids. So we sat at the pool bar while Ramey went swimming.

Grandson Ramey

Terry almost had a hole in one!

Stacy cooked some good chicken on the grill and Sarah steamed some great aspegus. They wanted mashed potatoes however its been so long since I made them, they didn't turn out the greatest but they were all gone so guess they weren't that bad!!
The rest of the evening was spent in the jacuzzi and playing some basketball. They just make me tired watching them. But I think everyone had a good time and sorry to say the weekend was too short.

Grandma and Ciera

Stacy and Jason

Sarah and Terry with me

Great Weekend!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rainbows and Sunsets

Not much happening here at Emerald Cove. We are still working through our spring cleaning list. Have most of the inside done. We will get to the outside one of these days.

We've been playing Bingo on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We go over to the Blue Water Casino on Tuesdays and we play here at the park on Thursdays. Other than our first buy in, we have played on their money!!

The weather has been nice. Shorts weather for the last week. Yesterday Ed played golf for the first time. But today we finally had the rain that has been predicted for the past few days. It rained most of the day, never really hard, just enough to wet the ground. At least we are not on the east coast. Can't believe the amount of snow they have had this year! Sorry guys but I think this rain is coming your way and it will probably be more snow!!

The rain stopped about 5:00. We were outside cooking some steaks and saw this double rainbow. Can't really see the second one but its there.

A little while later we took this picture of the sky. Clouds make the sunsets so pretty. This was an awesome sky!!

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl. Our team is not in it this year, so we don't really care who wins. We are going up to the clubhouse to watch the game on the big screen and we are in a couple of pools so that always makes it fun.