Friday, May 31, 2013

Palmer Point COE Park

This is going to be our new home until Labor Day.  We are volunteers for the Corps of Engineers here in Virginia.  There is a campground on the other side of the dam.  We stayed there 4 years ago.  However, this park is just a day use facility.  You can launch a boat, swim on the beach or just picnic.  Our job is to collect the $4.00 for each car that goes into the park.  Only one of us needs to be in the booth at any given time between the hours of 9am to 6pm, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  That’s a total of 27 hours.  Not bad!  

          Beach  (That’s Savannah)


         Guard Shack  (with Kim)


       Picnic Shelter

         Boat Ramp


      Bathrooms ( fancy port a potties)


      Our long walk to work!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bad jobs and ear piercing

Well, we lasted a month at the campground where we were working. Even the view in the previous blog couldn't keep us there.  We have never left a position so this was a first for us.  Unfortunately, when it’s a small campground with only 3 workamper couples and two couples are returning…..we felt like outsiders from the get go. 

So we left today and will be moving into a volunteer position at a COE park.  We will be the only employees and our only responsibility will be collecting the $4.00 day use fee for the picnic area and beach. And only from 9 am to 6 pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  Only one of us works at a time, so it should be a very easy gig.   No pay but with the site paid and no fuel costs we should be okay.

We are about the same distance from Savannah.  Speaking of Savannah, she finally got her ears pierced!!

Savannah ear pierce 1

               Second ear

                                                                         Savannah ear pierce 2               

 All Done!!

She only had a small window of opportunity to get this done.  She starts up her cheerleading at the end of June and they can’t have anything in their ears during competition or practice.  Hopefully, she will heal before Kim has to start having to take them out.   We wanted to do this for her a couple of weeks ago and she chickened out.  Glad Mom was able to persuade her to finally get it done. 
Good job Savannah!!