Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fun times with family

We have spent a wonderful week with Kim, Mark and Savannah.  It started out busy and stayed that way pretty much all the week. 

First was a yard sale.  Got rid of some stuff, made a little money.  Sunday it was off to Busch Gardens.  Kim and Ed rode all the roller coasters. 

Monday was recovery day, except for taking our new computer back to Best Buy to have my printer installed.  (I am not fond of Windows 8) Tuesday we had to take the motorhome for minor repairs. (Anything under $500 is minor) Wednesday was birthday dinner for Kim.  She wanted my chicken and biscuits.  Thurday we got to watch Savannah after her cheer practice. And Friday was spent taking over Kim's Daycare while she had a doctors appointment.  It's really hard for her to schedule them because she watches kids all day in her home.  Below are pictures from our day at Busch Gardens. 
Can't figure out how to get to Live writer on this new computer. Can I tell you again I don't like Windows 8. 
We said good bye last night and took off today for Kansas.  Always hard to say good bye but I am hoping we will see them again next March in California. 

Savannah and I

This was one of many they rode.
Savannah and Ed on the Tram

Mark and Savannah on the Carousal

Thursday, September 12, 2013


We are done here at the Corp of Engineer park in Virginia.  We have really enjoyed this work.  Its easy, only 4 days on 4 days off.  We have hopes of bidding on this job the year after next. If we could do this for a summer, we may be able to give up the Amazon.  Of course, there are COE parks all over so we may be able to work somewhere else in between. 
Tomorrow we move 90 miles up to the State Park in Chesterfield.  We have a busy week ahead.  Saturday, Kim and I have a yard sale spot at the local church.  $17.00 gets us a spot and saves us from getting up and putting up signs all over.  Sunday, we will be going to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg.  Its been several years since we have been there and Ed wants to ride all the new roller coasters.  Kim will ride them with him. Mark and I will watch.  I will ride some things but the big roller coasters I am not fond of. 
Tuesday is another repair for us, so we will have to drive up to Ashland for that.  Should not take too long, I hope.  Ed wants to play a round of golf some day, and we have some other running around to do.  Wednesday will be an early birthday dinner for Kim.  ( I always have to make her Chicken and Biscuits)  Hope to get to at least one of Savannah’s cheer practices also.  It will be a busy week.  We leave the following Saturday to move toward Kansas and Amazon.