Thursday, October 13, 2011

Back to work

Working at Amazon is a great way to make some money in a short period of time, but it really is exhausting especially when you are not used to this kind of work.  They give us a couple of weeks working 5 hours a day.  This is what they call ‘hardening’ . And boy do we need this.  Right now even the 5 hours is tiring.

Ed and I both work in the inbound department in receiving.  We scan items (asins) into the inventory and put these items on juice carts (three tiered carts). These carts are then taken away and the items put (stowed) on shelves (bins).  Amazon has their own language.  The outbound department called pickers then go to those bins to pick what you ordered and send it to the shipping department to be boxed and mailed. 

We are to be at “stand up” ready to work at 6am. Stand up is an area that all workers meet in the morning and after lunch for announcements and to do some brief stretching. We have our 1st 15 minute break at 8:30am, but it can take you 2.5 minutes to walk one way to the break room, as this is a huge facility  ….. 1.25 million square feet.

When we start working a full 10 hours we will get lunch at 10:30.   We will get an afternoon break but  not sure what time that will be.

Our commute is very short. We can see the Amazon warehouse from our motorhome.  If the weather is nice we can walk and it takes about 7 minutes.  If the weather is bad, we drive and it still takes us about 5 minutes!!  

Place those orders now everyone!!!   We need the work!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Family visit, cheerleading and a milestone birthday!!

We have been in Chesterfield Virginia visiting with Kim, Mark and Savannah.  We attended 2 football games where Savannah is a cheerleader.  IMG_0724
Notice the missing front teeth. 
Savannah is on 2 different cheerleading teams.  This one is for her school.  They are the Crenshaw Cardinals. 
She also goes to a regular cheerleading gym and they do competitions against other gyms. 
Savannah cheer 3

This is last years picture.
She is one busy girl.

Tuesday was Kim’s birthday and I cooked her dinner.  We watched Savannah on Wednesday and Mark took her out to dinner.  On Friday she had her party at “Off the Hookah” in Richmond.  Kim has provided day care for the owners, and got a great deal on the party.  She had the patio for 2 hours and we had drinks and party platters.  Mark had some surprises for her, (she really does not like surprises).  He had M & Ms with her picture on some and Happy Birthday on others.  He also had coozie cups made up for everyone to take home.  After dinner, everyone went upstairs to the actual bar area.  It's been a longgg time since I've been to anything like this!!!
IMG_3487  IMG_3484  IMG_3489  Kim & GarryIMG_3494   
      The picture above is with her Uncle Garry.
       That’s the hookah pipe. 
       Never knew these places existed!!!

It’s been a great visit, always hard to leave, but now we are off to work again at Amazon!!