Saturday, October 18, 2008

Escapees Rainbows End

Thought I would post a couple of pictures of the park. We have not been doing much but relaxing. We did get the motorhome and car registered in Texas. This park is now our "home".

This is a picture of the clubhouse they have here. It has a hugh library to exchange books. This is also where they have craft classes and they play cards every evening except Tuesdays they have bingo.

Yesterday we took a tour of the Escapees Care Center. The Care Center is a seperate entity of Rainbows End. Its a non profit assisted living center for people who have lived in a motorhome or trailer. You can come here and live in your own motorhome and they have volunteers who will do your laundry, dump your tanks and clean for you. You have 3 meals a day in the dining hall. Some come here for a few months if someone is recovering from surgery. They have an adult day care center for the caregiver to have some time off. This place is staffed by volunteers. Ed and I may at some point come back here to volunteer for a couple of months.

We are going up there next Tuesday to get our flu shots.

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