Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bring out the eraser!

Not going to New Orleans or Biloxi this year.  We were spending some time in Kinder Louisiana at a casino.  We were going to be there for a couple of days then go on to New Orleans for a few more days and then to Biloxi.  This was to be our last bit of fun before we settled in at Beech Bend Amusement park in Bowling Green for our summer job.

This wasn't meant to be.  Late last evening our refrigerator decided to stop working again! We just had the cooling unit replaced when we were at Amazon less than 4 months ago.  Same symptoms!  Doing what I do best, I got on the computer and started looking for places to go for a repair.  Looking on Norcold's web site, I found 2 different places in Hammond, Louisiana.  Oh good, maybe we could still make New Orleans!

That wasn't meant to be.  A very bad storm has been working its way across the country and it hit the Kinder last night.  What a bad night we spent.  What with the storm and worrying about the refrigerator, we got very little sleep.  No way were we going to head east to the Hammond area.  That would mean catching up to the storm! Back to the computer and we find a dealer in Shreveport, Louisiana.

This WAS meant to be.  I called first thing this morning and spoke to Brian in the service department of Camper RV Center.  He didn't think is was the cooling unit again and said to come on and he would look at it for us.  Turns out it was the recall board that went bad.  It also shuts everything down.  He has ordered the part. We are staying at their RV park with full hookups for FREE until the part arrives.  Best of all Norcold is picking up the tab!!  Yeah!! We have finally caught a break.

We were already scheduled for another repair in Nashville next week.  Our EMS board has gone bad and they have one in stock.  Hopefully that will go as well. 

So New Orleans and Biloxi will have to wait.  I'll get there someday!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Times in Livingston

It’s hard to believe that our time in Livingston is almost over.  We’ve accomplished a few things on our “to do” list.  In between the rain that took away a good portion of last week, we did rent a steam cleaner and cleaned our carpets.  They really needed it and were made worse when we were in Medina Lake.  That site was a mud hole.

We also spent a good day out at Lake Livingston State Park where Ed got to do some fishing.


He caught this little perch.  He did catch other ones a little bigger but threw them all back.  They were also too small to keep.  But he had a good time and I just sat and enjoyed the sun and my book.  (I also need to remember to buy some sunscreen before we get to Biloxi)

We have played golf a couple of times.  I don’t play very good and don’t like the big 18 hole courses but Livingston has a very nice city park with a 9 hole course. 


It has enough long holes to be a challenge to Ed and enough short ones for me.  I do get in a lot of walking because my golf ball sometimes doesn’t go very far.  So instead of getting into the cart, I just walk up and hit it again!!

We have 3 days left before we leave toward New Orleans and Biloxi.  Today we hope to finally get the motorhome washed.  And if the weather holds tomorrow maybe get it waxed. Of course, we have been playing bingo 2 nights a week.  Haven’t won yet but we do enjoy the frustration of trying!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Our granddaughter is 18!!


Ciera Lynn Griffin came into this world very late in the night (or very early morning) of March 12, 1994.
Ciera 2 (rev 0)

a010_16a (rev 0)

Flower girl in her Aunt Kim’s wedding.


And the beautiful young lady she has become.

Happy 18th Birthday Ciera!!
You are loved!!