Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Local Animals

We have just been relaxing and enjoying the park here for the past few days. We've been swimming and singing Karaoke. We've also been watching our hummingbird feeder. Here is our friend. You can tell he's feeling comfortable, his wings are not moving.

We also have some other birds who try to bogart the water. Not sure how but they seem to be getting to the sugar water.

Today we had to drive up to Lake Havasu to go to Walmart. I needed to have my prescriptions filled, we needed haircuts and got some groceries. We decided to take to short way and go over Parker Dam. From where we are its shorter to go that way than to go into Parker and then up 95. It cuts off about 20 miles. All of the land around here is BLM (Bureau of Land Management)land. Here is the reason they call the golf course here Jackass Flats.

These animals have the run of all the land around here. And don't seem to be afraid of us.

We are leaving here on Friday and moving up to Williams, Arizona. Going to travel to the Grand Canyon.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Catching up

Still here at Emerald Cove. We have finally completed our spring cleaning.
Saturday we washed the whole motorhome and then Ed waxed a section a day. Finally finished today. Ed oiled the wood inside, while I did laundry and vacuumed nooks and crannies. I also got the windows washed along with the screens. They were really bad.

The weather here has been HOT!! We have been running the air conditioner during the day but it cools off nice at night. Today it is very windy so I think we have some cooler weather approaching. Hope so. My perfect temperature is between 75 and 80 with very little humidity! Can you tell me where that is?

We have also made time for a little fun. We went to the pool today and will continue to enjoy it a lot more since our work is done. This is one of the pools with the bar.

There are 2 pools with the "pool bar" separating them. One pool is covered and the other is not.

One Friday and Saturdays they have Karaoke at the "pool bar". Friday its not too busy but by Saturday it is full of kids. Since this is really a family park, its okay for kids to sing. The only thing the KJ asks is that the songs are clean and no rap.

There is a casino across the river and I think we may go over next week and play some bingo. Will keep you posted.

Friday, April 17, 2009

It's a tough life!

We have arrived in Parker at Emerald Cove Resort. We are planning on staying here for the next 2 weeks while we do some spring cleaning. Our home on wheels has taken a beating during our month long trip to Oregon and Washington. We had a wonderful time visiting with Ed's daughter Sheila and grandson Michael. You too, Bo!

We spent some time with Ed's daughter Kaeleen also.

We also spent some time with some good friends we have met since we started this life. We had a wonderful scenic spot on the Columbia River and Ed did some fishing.

We got the outside of the motorhome washed today. Tomorrow Ed will start waxing the outside while I clean the windows and wash the screens. Doesn't that sound like fun!! But right now its 95 degrees and we are finally warm again. Going back up to the River Bar here to sing karaoke again tonight. It's a touch life, but someone has to do it!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another travel day from H***

I didn't think anything could be worse than our travel day yesterday. But today came close to beating it. Here is how our day went:

We left the Walmart in Anderson, California this morning around 8:30am. The day started out really good. It was windy but not to bad, although as we entered a construction zone, the wind caught one of the signs on the side of the road and sent it our way. Thankfully, we manage to dodge it.

We arrived in Fresno and pulled into the Walmart. We went into the store and asked permission, received it and went back to the motorhome. However, we didn't have a good feeling about the surroundings. There was a motorhome there that looked like it had been there awhile (a blue tarp over the top and stuff stored under it gave us some clue) and some people hanging around that didn't look right. So we left and started south again on RT 99. A little down the road a pickup with a ladder went by, the ladder flew off and again we had to serve to miss that.

Then, the coffee carafe went flying and broke to pieces. (We ride down the road with the carafe in the sink, but when we stopped in Fresno, I put it back)
We are now at a Walmart in Selma, California and this is a good one so we are settling in for the night. (With another new coffee pot on the counter until I can find a replacement carafe).

Tomorrow we are heading through Tehachapi, into Mojave and on to Barstow. This area, along route 58 can be a real bad area for wind. Lets hope tomorrow the winds will be calm.

Traveling South

We really had a great time with our friends at County Line Park. We had some great dinners, and great discussions about stimulus packages, pirates and this RV life we live.

It would have been better had the weather been nicer. We all agreed that we were a little to early. Ed and Jeri seemed to have a good time fishing, even though nothing was caught. Not for lack of trying. Everyone there was trying anything and everything they could think of. Nobody caught anything so Ed and Jeri didn't feel bad.

We left yesterday morning to begin our journey south to warmer weather. We stopped at the Seven Feathers Casino last night, played some bingo but didn't win.

I know we’ve all had them, but today was my worst travel day. We left the safety of the Seven Feathers Casino this morning, to drive further south, despite the snow that was falling when we got up. The higher we climbed, the more of that white stuff we saw. I kept my eye on the outside temperature which hovered right around 35degrees.

I was a nervous wreck and Ed was singing “White Christmas”. I told him this was April and it was supposed to be spring! We went through Sunny Valley but it was anything but sunny. Once we got passed Grants Pass it seemed to be better. No snow on that side of the mountains and the temperature started to climb up to 40 degrees. Better, but with that came some wind.

Think we are out of the worst of it now. We are now at a Walmart in Anderson, California. The wind is blowing hard now so we got off the road just in time. Tomorrow we should get to Fresno, California, although if the winds are bad we may stop earlier. Winds seem to get worse in the afternoon, so we will see how far we get.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What a view!

We spent a good two days with Ed's daughter, Kaeleen here near Cathlamet, Washington. It was a good visit except for the rooster that couldn't tell time. He would crow at all hours of the night. There is a standing joke among all RVer's that all the campgrounds are built close to railroad tracks. At Kaeleen's there was no railroad, she had a rooster! But the property they live on is very pretty. Here is a picture of Mill Valley Creek that runs through their property.

This morning we moved to County Line Park. This park only has about 20 sites and it is all blacktop but just look at the view out our front window.

That's the Columbia River out there! We will spend about 5 days here. Ed has a three day fishing license and he is ready to put the pole in the water tomorrow. This park is really filling up because you can only fish for salmon and steelhead on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We have some friends here with us, Wanderin Williams. Jeri and Ed are fishing, Terry and I will watch the boats go by from the inside of our rigs!

Hope Ed catches something bigger than he did when we were in Florida!! We'll see!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Finally some nice weather

Today turned out to be a really nice day. It warmed up to around 60 degrees. Tomorrow promises to be even nicer. We took the opportunity to go into Seattle today. We wanted to visit the 'Ballard Locks'. The locks are actually named after Corps of Engineers Major Hiram M. Chittenden. The locks were opened in 1917, built by the Corps of Engineers to connect Lake Washington and Lake Union to Puget Sound.

The boats go into the lock, the flood gates close and then the lock fills with water to raise them up with the level of Puget Sound. The whole process only takes a few minutes, the other gate opens and they are on their way!

On the way back from Seattle, we saw Mt. Rainier. This was the first time we actually got to see it, since it wasn't raining or cloudy. We didn't realize we were so close. Everyone in the area is hoping it continues to be dormant for a long time. They don't need another Mount St. Helens.

We really need to get back to Washington State sometime in the future. Next time it will be summer so we can see more of the area. But even with the bad weather it has been an enjoyable time spent with Sheila and Michael. Tomorrow we are going to watch another softball game and have a bbq with the team after the game.

Till later....