Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fun and family

Last night we had another pot luck dinner at work.  At this one, Tonya gave out pins for every season you return to work at LGE.  This is our second season so we got our 2 year pins.  This is Tonya along with Cooper, one of our exchange student workers. 
Today we took a ride to Latham to go to Sam’s Club then stopped by to see my Uncle Vern and Connie.  We had a nice lunch at the Farm, a very good place to get fresh vegetables, fruit and great sandwiches and fresh baked pies. We all had apple/raspberry pie and it was very good.   It has rained here off and on all day long so I could not get pictures of the Farm but did get one of the two of us.
Uncle Vern and I
Now home for the evening and we begin a new work week tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Life at Lake George Escape

I have not been blogging much because when you sit in one place and work day to day, there just doesn’t seem like there is much to say.

Ed and I have been working a lot of hours.  The park has had its problems this year because of the weather.  We had an horrific Memorial Day weekend and had to evacuate a large portion of our park when a dam broke up river from us and started to flood the area.  It was 2am before we got home that night.  Things have started to dry up now so we are hoping that by July 4th we will have the whole park opened.

We have had a couple of pot luck dinners but I have no pictures. Forgot the camera!  We stay at a park about 8 miles from where we work.  This is ‘Home Sweet Home’ for the duration.

This park is a lot quieter than where we work. Only 145 sites verses 570 at Lake George Escape. 
Here are some pictures of our visitors to our home.

IMG_3331   IMG_3324
IMG_3341   IMG_3350

I will try to update the blog more often