Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Family weekend at Emerald Cove

Stacy and her family arrived around noon on Friday.  After getting them settled in the trailer, we went up to the bar to get something to eat.  We had a wonderful afternoon, Jason took Ramey dirt bike riding.  After Pizza for dinner, we headed back to the bar for Karaoke. 
Ed's special angel

Here is Ed singing
“My Special Angel” to Ciera. 

It started raining during the night and continued to rain into Saturday morning.  Jason’s parents were boondocking up in Lake Havasu across from the park where the Winter Blast was to be.  With all the rain, they didn’t want to stay up there, so we were able to bring them into Emerald Cove as our guests. 
Ciera and her grandmas

It’s not very often that Ciera has both her grandmothers together so she wanted this opportunity to get a picture.
The weekend is over now.  Everyone had a great time.
Looking forward to seeing them again in about 3 weeks.  
I’ll get more pictures then.

We have less than a week left here at Emerald Cove.  We are moving on to Las Vegas where we will meet up again with friends. 
Gonna by fun!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Things to see around Emerald Cove

Here are just a few of the things we see when we drive around the area.

This is Parker Dam.  This is the dam that forms Lake Havasu.

                               mexico-to-Lake-Havasu-051_thumb4                                                                                                                                                                               There are wild burros all over the BLM land between Emerald Cove and Parker Dam.  You really have to careful driving because they sometimes are right in the middle of the road. 


This is the golf course here at Emerald Cove.  It’s called “Jackass Flats” in reference to the above wild burros.  That’s not grass you see, its astro turf.  Lots of people play this little 9 hole golf course but it’s not for Ed.


This is one of the pools, jacuzzi and one side of the Oasis Bar.
On the other side of the bar there is another pool, jacuzzi and a small pool that is a foot deep for little children.

These are just a few of the things we see every day as we ‘winter’ at Emerald Cove.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Life at Emerald Cove

We are still at Emerald Cove.  Hard to believe we’ve already been here almost 2 weeks. Time flies when your having fun!! There are a lot of things we like to do while we are here.  I have been going to line dancing on Tuesdays and Thursdays and they have Bingo on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  (However, this month they are having FREE bingo for seniors at the Blue Water Casino so we have been going there) They also do water aerobics on Monday Wednesday and Fridays. I am hoping that the weather will be warm enough tomorrow to do that.  They have a fun little miniature golf course here but we have yet to try that. It’s the only golf where I have a chance to beat Ed!!

Ed has been playing in poker tournaments.  They play on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings.  He hasn’t won anything yet but he gets to the final table.  And of course, they have Karaoke on Friday and Saturday evenings.  We really had some fun last weekend.  This Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday so everyone will be up it the clubhouse for that!!  They will be having raffles, food and the betting pools.  I think we may have some possibility this year.  We’ve pulled some good numbers. 

It has been very cold here these past few days as it has been all over the country.  It got down to 28 degree last night and I don’t ever remember it being that cold here in February.  It needs to start getting warm here so we can finish doing our spring cleaning.  After being in the desert for over a week we really need to clean out our storage bays.  Just know if we get the sand out, we won’t weigh as much!! 

Such is our life here at Emerald Cove!!