Thursday, January 24, 2013

A First Time for Everything

Although, this is not a first I would want for any of our other RVing friends.
We left Campbellsville, Kentucky on Monday afternoon and traveled about 140 miles to Nashville.  We had made an appointment for some minor repairs at the same place that replaced our EMS board last spring.  Since it was going to be freezing on Monday night, we opted to go into an RV park (something we never do when just traveling).  Our appointment was for Tuesday morning and we only had to go next door.  We dropped the motorhome off and went to breakfast and then came back to the RV park’s rec room to wait.  They finished the repairs at about 1 and we debated on staying one more night or making the drive to Jackson about 120 miles from Nashville. 

On the road we went, but only got about 20 miles down the road.  Ed heard a commotion behind us and looked in the mirror just in time to see a white car come across all the lanes and hit our tow vehicle.  He caught us on the rear left tire.  Thankfully no one was hurt.  

We have 2 separate insurance policies. One company insures our car and another insures our motorhome.  When we first thought about full timing in the RV, we were advised to keep the insurances separate because if we had a accident in the car, the insurance on the motorhome wouldn’t go up also.  How many other RV’ers are insured this way?  We never thought about the tow package.  We found out today we could have added that to the car insurance, but for now it’s too late.  The tow package is also going to have to be replaced.  It’s been compromised and we just don’t trust it now.  We may need to fight it out with the other guys insurance to get that fixed.  The adjuster also said we should ask for loss of use and the fees we are paying to the campground. 

So for now, we are settled into the RV park.  We stopped at Wal-Mart and stocked up on food. Probably more than we actually need, but without a car it will be a pain to go to the store.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Bad Verizon!!

We have been without internet for the past week.  Verizon has been good and bad to us.  As you know, we have been in the state of Kentucky since last April.  There are very few Verizon towers in Kentucky and we have never upgraded to a 4 G.  I received a call from Verizon about 4 weeks ago and they offered me a deal for a 4 G air card for free and a monthly fee of $50 for 5 gigs.  If I go over, I can buy an additional gig for $10.  The reason…we have been costing Verizon a lot of money.  I found our that Verizon is billed for the usage of other towers.  Here in Kentucky the towers are mostly Bluegrass Cellular and I guess we have been costing a lot more than our monthly Verizon fee we pay.  So I agreed to this deal.

Verizon sent the new equipment to our address here in Kentucky.  Last Tuesday, I tried to activate the new 4G air card.  First, I knew that I would have to update my cradle point router so before I had the old one turned off, I did that.  Okay, I was ready to activate the new one.  I spent a couple of hours on the phone with different people and I couldn’t get it activated.  Finally, the last person I spoke to asked me where I was.  I told her I was in Kentucky.  That’s when I was told, I NEEDED TO BE CLOSE TO A VERIZON TOWER TO ACTIVATE IT!!!!! What the heck!  So I couldn’t even reactivate the old one.  (They have put a credit on my account for the inconvenience!)

When you are living on the road as we are, internet becomes so very important.  Everything I do is on line.  We went to breakfast on Wednesday morning so I could do my banking!  I went to McDonald’s on Saturday so I could get directions when we leave today.  We are heading out to Nashville today, so I am hoping that I can get my internet up and running tonight. 

I have a weather app on my phone so we have been able to get that. And I have Facebook on my phone so I can keep up that way.  But, once I get my internet back, I am going to have a lot of blogs to catch up on! 

I have my internet back! Yeah!!