Friday, February 20, 2015

Golf Hall of Fame

We are currently in St. Augustine, Florida.  One of our missions here was to see the Golf Hall of Fame.  We did that yesterday.  It was very cold here in Florida, just as it is in most of the United States, so we thought it would be a good day for an indoor activity.   However, the entrance fee includes a round of golf on the 18 hole putting course.  If we had known, we probably would have waited.

Ed enjoyed it anyway.  He spent a good 2 to 3 hours roaming the museum.  They had a nice exhibit and tribute to Bob Hope.  He loved golf and gave a huge boost to the PGA with his golf tournaments in Palm Springs.  Then it was on to the history of golf.  Ed got to stand on a replica of the bridge at St. Andrews Golf Club in Scotland.


Then on to the newer history and the Wall of Honor.

DSC01725           DSC01726       DSC01727

I thought this rule was really funny.



This a picture taken from the tower looking down at a replica of the 17th hole at TCP Sawgrass, one of the courses played on the PGA Tour.  The tee is by the white building by the trees.  You can see the flag of the green which is surrounded by the water. 


The weather is going to be warming up some in the next few days so we are planning on touring old St. Augustine, the oldest town in the US.