Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Busy Bees

We have been busy bee’s while at Emerald Cove.  As I said before, the first weeks here we had a wonderful time with friends and family visits.  But since they have been gone, we have had the motorhome washed and Ed spent a couple of days putting a coat of wax on it.  One day was spent up on the roof, cleaning our vent fans.  I also removed all the screens and washed them. 

We then spent a day cleaning out all of our storage bays.  This has not been done in a very long time.  Last summer we invested in a new vacuum cleaner, a Shark, that comes apart and turns into a unit that you can carry.  We were able to get way into the back of the bays and vacuum before putting everything back.  Well not everything, we did toss a lot of things we have never used.  (Now we can buy more stuff!!)

We even washed out the bay where out dump hoses go and in the bay where our water hoses go, Ed sanded the area and painted it with black rustoleum paint.  Job well done!!

IMG_4147           IMG_4148
Tomorrow we are having our carpets cleaned.  While they dry, we are taking all of our throw rugs into town to the laundromat.

But it hasn’t been all work, we have found time to have some fun.  Ed has played poker and managed to win one of the tournaments. And Bingo, we’ve managed to win a couple of games. 

Our time here is coming to an end and we are getting that hitch itch to move.  5 weeks is a long time for us, unless we are working.  We move Saturday to Avi Casino in Laughlin for a few days before heading into California to visit family.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Desert Bar

We have been to the Desert Bar before but it is always a fun thing to do when you are taking someone who has never been before.  My son Terry came to visit us this weekend, so a trip to the Desert Bar was on the schedule. 
A little history….its real name in Nellie E Saloon named for the old mine that used to be on the property.  This bar is only open on weekends and only in the winter months.  Usually from October to May.  The reason for this is that this bar is totally run off solar power.  IMG_1082

See the solar panels on the roof of the building.  The tower in the picture is a cooling tower.  That’s a big swamp cooler on the top and the air comes down the tower.

IMG_4136                             IMG_4137
Terry and me
This bar is 5 miles from the main road.  You are on a dirt road for that time.  It’s a very dusty drive but we had a good time. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

First week at Emerald Cove

Hard to believe we have been here a week already.  We have spent most of our time getting the dirt and dust out of the motorhome after spending 10 days boondocking in the desert. We did take a break on Wednesday when we met friends at the Roadrunner floating bar for lunch.  Freddy and Delcie had to come to Parker for meds at Walmart and Terri, Jeri and Janice came with them.  We enjoyed lunch and fed the birds and ducks.  (pictures are from Jeri’s blog)

lunch 012014             lunch 2 012014

We’ve played bingo a couple of times, Ed won the first night but neither of us had any luck the second.  Ed played in a couple of poker tournaments.  He hasn’t won yet but he enjoys it. 

We have been singing Karaoke on Friday and Saturday evenings.  Friends Jeri and Terry arrived last Friday and we are enjoying the company.  Yesterday we sat at the bar and watched the Super Bowl. Great game since we were all rooting for Seattle.  I’m sure they will be with us for Bingo tomorrow night!