Saturday, April 30, 2011

Waterfront Property

We have arrived at our summer work site, Lake George Escape RV Park.  The park actually sits along the Schroon River.

This is the result of a snow filled winter in the Adirondack Mountains. IMG_3301

That white spot in this picture is actually an electrical box from a campsite.
Last October they prepared for this scenario by removing all the breakers so it is not dangerous.



Badminton court

The Schroon River reaches flood stage at 7 ft.  Right now the river is at 10.9.  It’s expected to start going down, but we have campers scheduled to start arriving in a couple of weeks.  Think we will be able to get this park ready??

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Play Ball

The storms stayed away so Savannah’s game was on!!  The team consists of girls ages 6-8 years old.  Savannah is one of the youngest girls on the team.  At this age they are really just learning the game so they don’t keep score and the coaches have an agreement that the girls only take 2 bases at the most.  The pitcher pitches 4 times then the coaches come out and pitch to the girls.  ( I remember when my kids played softball, after 4 pitches they hit off a tee).

 IMG_3288          IMG_3289

Savannah hit the ball and its on to first base!!!   She was the first on her team to score!!  Good Job!!

 IMG_3290         IMG_3292

It's been a great visit!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

Saturday we had an Easter Egg Hunt at one of the parks in Chesterfield.  SIL Mark works for Chesterfield Parks and Rec and this was his event to run. 

Savannah getting a balloon wrist flower.


      With the Easter Bunny


   She found 3 winning eggs and received these prize baskets

On home for the coloring of the eggs

IMG_3260  IMG_3263   IMG_3268   IMG_3264

And then on Easter….finding the hidden eggs.

IMG_3276  IMG_3274  IMG_3278
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.  We had a great weekend. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Catching up

It’s hard to believe that its been over 2 weeks since I last updated this blog.  Nothing much to blog about.  We were busy cleaning the motorhome and doing some maintenance that needed to be done. Here’s Ed fixing a leak we developed in our windshield.  IMG_3242We spent some money, putting almost $2,000 into the back end of the car with new hubs, shocks and tires. It sure does ride good now.  Hopefully the car will go another 100,000 miles now. (I had previously 100 miles.Thanks Marsha)

Ed washed and waxed the motorhome and I cleaned all the windows inside and washed the screens. I think we finally have all the dust from the desert out of the nooks and crannies.

We also found time to play bingo.  We started out going to the VFW hall on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.  Then we also discovered the American Legion hall had Bingo on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays.  We only ended up going to the AL a couple of times and didn’t really feel confortable there.  bingo with paul and marsha

Here we went with friends Paul and Marsha Weaver.

Ed won that night!!

 They also came over to our placeIMG_3247 to watch the ball game.  The Red Sox lost again!! Marsha is a very big Cleveland Indians fan and she never stopped letting us know that they were in first place.  That’s okay Marsha. The Red Sox will come back! (I hope)

Paul also figured out how I could get my camera set on a timer.  Thanks Paul.  Now we can take pictures of ourselves.  Maybe I’ll invest in a small tripod now.

We are now on our way to Virginia so spend Easter with Savannah.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Best Visits are Spontaneous

Noreen and David Becker are friends who we met last year when we worked in Lake George, NY.  They live a little south of Houston.  We knew they were leaving the 1st of April to start up to New York.  We were coming through Houston and decided to give them a call to see how far they had gotten. 
Much to our surprise, they were only about 30 minutes a head of us. We decided to meet up for a short visit.  They decided to spend the evening with us and were able to get a one night stay here in Livingston.  We had a great visit and went to the local VFW to play bingo.  Sorry to tell you Jeri, they hadn’t played bingo in years and they won also!! Guess we will have to take you someplace else to play instead of the casinos!!
This was something that was not planned but it sure worked out great.  They left this morning to continue their trek north.  There is still a lot of snow up in that area.  We won’t get there until the end of the month.  Sure hope its gone by then!!!