Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas


We have had a quite day here in Campbellsville.  The RV park here is really thinning out.  There are only about 40 rigs left.  Some are people left to spend the holidays with family and are coming back next week to get there RV’s.  Some are staying to work until the end of January.  We hope to make it through until the 12th of January.  We will be shifting jobs again and our shift days have changed.  We will work Monday thru Thursday and will be working in ICQA.  That’s Amazon speak for inventory control.  Our charge is to count every single bin in the warehouse!! But, we work at our own pace so it shouldn’t be too bad.  We will let you know.
Much love to all of our family and friends.  Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We’re still here

We are still here in Campbellsville, working, working and working.  We switched to outbound in hopes of getting overtime, but it seems now that the inbound department is busiest and we are back on the receiving line.  Which is okay by us, because we really weren’t happy in the packing department.  Full time staff in inbound, just went to 60 hrs. but for us workampers its voluntary.  I am working 50 hrs., Ed has been going in on Tuesdays just for 5 hr. so he is working 55 hr.  Which is okay by us, because we really weren’t happy in the packing department. 

We had a problem with our refrigerator about 2 weeks ago.  The cooling unit went out and it was an expensive fix, so we are going to try to stay an extra couple of weeks here to help offset the cost. 
The weather here has been warmer than last year, but we have had a lot of rain.  We just got through 3 nights a really cold ( 20’s) weather but the forecast for the next 10 day looks promising with no below freezing nights and highs in the 50’s.  Let’s hope we are not making a mistake in trying to stay.  Really don’t want to have to drive out in snow!!

Check out this video.  Most of the video was shot at the campground where we are.  Notice the snow showers.  This was done the weekend after Thanksgiving and yes we had some snow showers but nothing stuck.  Campbellsville is really a very nice small town.
Video on For some workers, hopscotching around the country for a paycheck is a lifestyle. When their work is done in one place, they’ll drive their vans to the next job. NBC’s Janet Shamlian reports

Until later…..