Wednesday, September 10, 2008

September 10, 2008

These times in Springfield have been fun. Saturday evening we went with friends to the American Legion Hall to sing Karaoke. Ed and Charlie had fun singing and joking and reminiscing about the "old days". They have been friends for over 60 years and Ed sang at Charlie and Arlene's wedding. Sunday we went to Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut with other friends Bill and Mary Jensen. Man that place is huge! Never saw the whole place. But we enjoyed the time we spent with them.
Monday, Ed finally got a chance to play golf. I dropped him off and then went off by myself to get a pedicure, do some laundry and go to a park I have wanted to stop at.

Sometimes when you go through these little towns, you find interesting things. This small park was a memorial to Anne Sullivan. She was born here in Agawam, Mass. Anne Sullivan was the teacher who was responsible for teaching Helen Keller. This sculpture is titled "Water".

Tuesday, we again spent some time with Charlie and Arlene. Good friends we will miss them.

Wednesday, we had an appointment to get our microwave looked at. Guess it is time for a new one. Looks like it would cost just as much, so when we get to Florida we will have a new one put in. In the meantime, I am learning to cook in our regular oven.
Tomorrow we are going to Forrest Park in Springfield and we will be leaving here on Friday afternoon. We are sitting under a tree that is dropping red berries on the roof so before we leave on Friday we will take the time to wash off the roof.

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