Saturday, September 6, 2008

Quiet Times

For the last few days we have not been doing much of anything except visiting friends in the Springfield area. We did take a drive to the cemetery, drove down the old street. People were looking at us strangely, thought because we had VA plates on the car. Found out it had been changed to a one way street and we were driving the wrong way! It was a very narrow road.
While driving around Springfield I did get Ed to stop at the Dr. Seuss Memorial Garden. There are sculptures of his most famous characters. Here I am with the Grinch and that's Ed with the Cat in the Hat. Of course that is Horton in the center.

Today we are trying to prepare for Hanna to arrive. Expected later this afternoon. Hopefully we won't flood out. But we have put everything that was outside away for the duration.

We are going to dinner and to sing Karaoke with friends this evening.

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