Monday, March 16, 2015

Cheerleading Competition

Our granddaughter is into cheerleading.  She has been going to the same gym since she was 5.  She’s now 10. Yesterday we traveled to Virginia Beach to see her compete.  We had done this a couple of years ago, but she’s now on 2 different teams so we wanted to see her “fly”.  That’s the term they use for those cheerleaders who get thrown up in the air.  Even though my heart was beating so fast, I watched as they threw her in the air and she then completed her stunt.
Savannah is the one on the left.
Now she’s in the middle.
On her other team, she doesn’t fly but she has a part in the routine where she does a couple of back hand springs and then blows kisses to the judges.
The teams both did real good on this day, however, they really messed up on Saturday and with a 2 day total they didn’t place very high.  But we had fun and enjoyed watching some of the other groups. 


  1. Jordan used to be a cheerleader. However, she never was in competition like this. What fun for sure!

  2. My heart and stomach would be turned inside out watching her being thrown into the air. She really is a cutie. Our granddaughters aren't into cheerleading and since they are becoming teenagers they don't seem to be into much of anything but boys. Oh joy!

  3. I was a cheerleader in high school. Back then a back handspring was considered

    She is a cutie for sure.