Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween fun

We have worked for the past 4 years with good friends Al and Jan Schwartz.  Jan LOVES Halloween and celebrates the whole month of October.  Since we will be working on Halloween next Friday, she had her gathering last night.  Even though we worked yesterday, it was our last day for the week.  Jan had everyone over to her place for some Halloween Chili.  
DSC01605      DSC01607      DSC01608
We can’t have wood fires here at the park, but that didn’t stop us from having fires.  Seems the thing to do is head to Lowes and get these little propane firepits.
They are really nice, put off the heat without the smoke!!! If only I had room for one, but alas, our bins are stuffed to the max!!!
Our hostess with the mostest!!!!!
A great way to relax after 4 long days.


  1. There's no way we could have spent our little Halloween party outside. Our food would have been drenched and so would have we!

  2. I know those spiders weren't real but they still gave me cold shivers. That would have made it easier to not eat that food. :)

  3. Looks like a ton of good looking food!
    Now that is a cute witch.

  4. Aren't those fires great. We see them all the time at the park we work in as soon as the fire ban goes on.