Monday, September 19, 2011

Unemployed again!!

Our last day of work at Lake George Escape was Labor Day. We had planned to stay at the campground until the following Monday so that we could get some cleaning done.  Again our best laid plans did not work out.  In preparing for hurricane Irene, we pulled in our slides to protect the toppers.  After the storm had passed, when we put the slides back out, the rubber seal pulled loose.  This was something that we could not wait to fix, so after checking on the Winnebago website, we made a call to Diamond RV in West Hatfield, Massachusetts. Since our plan was to come to West Springfield this was our best option.  So we said good bye to everyone on Wednesday and drove to West Hatfield to prepare for an 8 am appointment on Thursday. 

Earlier in the month our air conditioner stopped working so we had them check on that also.  We also had them change the windshield wipers because it had been so long since we drove in the rain that we did not realize how bad they were.  Then I saw that they also did oil changes…Hey we needed that also!!  We spent Thursday night in their back lot and the repairs were all finished on Friday.    We had reservations for the campground starting Monday the 12th, so we called to see if we could get in early.  No luck but they let us stay the weekend in their lot.  We had 30 amp electric so we were good.

We spent a week at the campground and we were busy visiting friends.  Ed played golf one day, while I ran some errands and did some laundry.  We  played some bingo and of course sang karaoke.  It was a busy week  but its good to be able to spend time with these friends.  Not sure what next year will bring so this year means a lot to Ed. 

We are now parked at Foxwoods Casino for a couple of day to visit more family in this area. 


  1. Hope you get everything fixed and put back together. We hate all those things that go wrong. Enjoy your family because I bet they sure are enjoying the two of you!

  2. I miss you guys singing karaoke. Have a great time with the family and hopefully all repair work is done and over with.

  3. Glad everything could be fixed in one place! Enjoy your time with friends.

  4. Sounds like you picked a good place to have problems fixed. In and out is the way we like them. We'll be hitting the factory for one last repair this fall but we don't have an appointment since we don't know when we'll be leaving our summer spot yet. We're keeping our fingers crossed for an in and out repair day.

  5. We have to hear that karaoke sometime. Miss you guys. Have fun and be safe.