Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Picture in your mind ….. Quartzsite Arizona in January.
Now imagine that all the cars bumper to bumper are now motorcycles. 
That’s what happened to our quiet little village last week.  We were taken over by thousands of motorcycles.  Some of them were camping at our campground. They come to stay in our cabins and rentals, or some bring their own campers. Some purchase tents when they arrive and leave them when they go. (We now own a tent)
There were all kinds of vendors all over town, just like Quartzsite.  Ed had been driving our shuttle van all day going back and forth to the village and agreed to drive me back into town so I could get some pictures.

1          IMG_2610

3         4
Americade happens every year, the first full week in June.  It was really amazing to see, but I’m glad that things are quiet now for a little while. We need to enjoy it now because after next weekend our schedules go full time.  Kids will be out of school.  Let the summer begin!!


  1. Did Ed buy a leather jacket to wear while he ran the shuttle? How about a leather skirt for you? I can picture them both...LOL